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What our client's are saying...

"J.D., Thank you for making the process so very easy and fun. You did an amazing job of designing
exactly what we wanted." [D.T. 9/13/19]

"...Our builder was very complimentary on how the drawings are done. [R.F.7/10/19]
our service is excellent."  [R.F. 8/29/19]

"J.D., I do a lot of appraisals from plans.  Yours are by far some of the best to work from, very
detailed.  I appreciate that, probably because I am that way in my work." [S.P 8/3/18]

"Thank you again for all of your help! I think the plans are great and probably the best use of space I’ve ever
seen. We look forward to the finished product."  [R.H. 6/5/18]

"J.D....the final plans look great, a lot of detail. Thanks for your help." [T.W. 3/26/18]

"Thanks JD, I'm excited to build this beautiful plan." [B.J. 2/13/18]

"J.D., We REALLY like the way it turned out. Thanks again for all you did, we enjoyed working with you."
[G.S. 9/28/17]

"Our house turned out great and we are enjoying it. Thank you for your work...." [M.I

"J.D., We are getting really excited as it comes together. Thank YOU very much. These look
awesome." [N.D. 10/21/16]

"Thank you so very much for your prompt response....  I just knew that you would understand our excitement
and, therefore, along with your expertise, would be able to create our 'dream'.  It is apparent that one of your
assets is your willingness to truly
hear your clients and this is so appreciated." [S.L. 7/12/16]

"Thank you very much for making this process great fun and a delightful experience!!!!!!!  You're
awesome!!!" [J.G. 1/13/16]

"Hi JD, You did an awesome job! I am impressed. Thanks." [D.N. 9/28/15]

"JD, I want to thank you very much. The floor plan looks fabulous!!! I love it! I'm
excited to really get started." [M.T. 9/19/15]

" I'm glad you're using JD he does an excellent job working with clients and draws a great set of plans." [B.J.

"This looks fantastic! The back is pretty as the front. We love it! [L.G. 4/3/15]

"Thanks JD. Absolutely can't wait to get started! As always a pleasure to work with you
and wish you the best. [J.B. 9/23/14]

"I just wanted to thank you for your help and input and appreciate your guidance!" [W.L. 9/15/14]

"Well, our house is finally almost finished! ...We are excited and very pleased with how it looks! Thanks so
much for all your help, advice and expertise in this process." [J.H. 6/27/14]

"Thank you for helping our dream materialize." [S.K.  6/18/14]

"Thank you again JD for your assistance - you have always been a big help."  [B.S. 3/20/14]

"Thank you so much again for getting us a sketch so quickly, we didn't anticipate it within a week so it
was a pleasant surprise. It's a great start!"  [J.F. 3/14/14]

"Holy crap! This guy [J.D.] is worth every penny! I love!  [J.A. 1/27/14]

"We have gotten many compliments and are absolutely loving it!  The front porch adds so much...
Thanks!"  [E.H. 9/5/13]

"Really nice job on the home plans. You nailed it. We love the layout and the details.
The square footage is perfect.  [M.R. 8/22/13]

"I love this floor plan! It's got so many cool aspects to it, I can't wait to walk through it when it's done.  [M.P.

"Thank you for your very kind, quick response. ...I have many friends whose plans you are responsible
and have all sung your praises."  [P.K. 5/28/13]

"Thank you for the outstanding job.... I am going to highly recommend you to my friends."  [A.R. 5/3/13]

"Just wanted you to know that we LOVED the latest plans, and I took them to [the builder] this morning. He
was very impressed with the overall design, and said you do excellent work!  [C.D. 5/1/13]

"This is AWESOME! I love what you did in option 3 front elevation. ...Thanks so much. I love it.  [D.B.

"The plans are wonderful. The process was made easy and stress free by you two. Thanks so much...."  
[D.B. 4/10/13]

"The plans do look good. I think you were able to get almost everything we asked for and kept the size down
to 2,800 sq ft.  [M.J. 3/19/13]

"We enjoyed working with you before and hope you can survive another round with us."  [S.H.

"Thanks for your help. The timing of the plans were just in time. We appreciate the quick and good
work you did for us."  [F.F. 5/7/13]

"JD, I think I love you!!!! You are awesome!! I love the plans. Thank you sooooo very much for you very
professional, thorough and insightful work. I will refer everyone that I know to you!!"  [Z.G. 4/17/12]

"[We] had a chance to talk about our reactions to the plans last night.  In sum: we like a lot of
things about them. We really like that you clearly tried to address all of our design/feature
requests. I also love the lack of "wasted" space due to hallways. The flow of the plans seems good,
too."  [J.T. 12/2/11]